gourmet wedding buffets

Gourmet Wedding Buffets

Gourmet wedding buffets are the perfect alternatives to sit-down, traditional wedding breakfasts. With The Wedding Gourmet, gone are the vol-au-vents and sausage rolls; enter creative, delicious and gourmet wedding buffets guaranteed to make your guests go wow!

At The Wedding Gourmet we wanted to redevelop catering for your big day, as we felt the offerings were all the same across the board. So we decided to redefine the concept of the wedding buffet by creating totally unique, gourmet food experiences for your guests, packaging them in buffet format. Our wedding buffets are trendy, delicious, cutting edge, exciting and moreish – what more could you want on your wedding day?

“The Wedding Gourmet created a phenomenal buffet for our wedding. It really let our guests mingle and enjoy themselves.”

Our wedding buffets are perfect for less formal wedding breakfasts, where you don’t want your guests sitting down for hours. They range from anything from four-metre long cheese extravaganzas to American-style slow cooking and Italian farmhouse style… and everything in between. Our team love sitting down with you to understand your ideas and preferences to come up with a totally unique dining experience.

“The Wedding Gourmet is one of the hottest things in wedding catering this year!”

Find out why you should consider booking your wedding catering with the amazing Wedding Gourmet team.

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