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Quirky And Different Wedding Catering

Why follow the status quo? If you love burgers or pizza, then why not enjoy them on your big day? Our quirky and different wedding catering brings fun and enjoyment to your wedding day catering.  

Think outside of the box! Be creative, let your imagination and our expertise create a wedding menu that truly reflects your personality.

Our creative Wedding Gourmet events team love coming up with exciting, quirky and different menus for a truly special wedding day. Anything that you can dream of, we can translate into a delicious wedding menu for you and your guests.

“The Wedding Gourmet are a really creative, clever company. The whole process of the menu creation was a real joy.”

The catering for your wedding day has to be exactly what you want. You (hopefully!) will only have one wedding day, so be sure to think about yourself. Want to serve your guests Kentucky Fried Chicken because it’s your absolute favourite? Then do it! Or better still, let us do it – we’ll do so with style!

Our vision and drive is to serve every Wedding Gourmet client their dream on their wedding day. So why not speak to one of our enthusiastic team today to discuss your big day?

“The Wedding Gourmet event team is so helpful and friendly. We sat down and came up with a totally bespoke menu, unlike all the other companies we spoke to who asked us to choose one of their menus.”

Find out why you should consider booking your wedding catering event with the amazing Wedding Gourmet team.

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